Wendy D. Marans, M.S., CCC/SLP

Licensed Speech Pathologist

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com

I am a CT state licensed and ASHA certified speech pathologist providing clinical services for children, their families, and schools within the Greater New Haven area and throughout CT. My goal is to help children become successful communicators, find their voice, communicate effectively and reach their full potential.From your initial inquiry, through our final session, I will work with you to help figure out what is needed, whether that is an evaluation, therapy, or consultation. I look forward to talking with you as we embark on this journey to build your child’s speech, language and communication skills.

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I have extensive experience with the following:Autism Spectrum Disorders
Social Communication/Pragmatic Disorders
Articulation and Phonological Disorders
Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Motor Planning Disorders
Childhood Language Disorders
Language Based Learning Disorders
Limited Early Literacy Skills
Conducting Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs)

I offer personalized evaluations and consultations for children from three years through high school. Individualized evaluations lead to treatment plans based on your child’s specific profile, strengths and needs, and can be shared with families and teaching teams to support successful outcomes.
Evaluations may address speech, language, pragmatics or other communicative needs, and typically include parent history/intake sessions, record reviews, testing in my office, observation at school, and a feedback session to explain the report and recommendations. I will attend PPTs, and enjoy collaborating with teaching staff who work with the children I see.Therapy
As with evaluations, therapy is individualized; the frequency and type of treatment will be based on your child’s needs. Sessions are 45 minutes in length and most children are seen once weekly, more often if needed.

SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions)
This program aims to decrease family accommodation of a child’s anxiety and to develop parental support. I will work with you as a consultant, coach and guide during this 12-week process.

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com

About me

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree at University College London, England, my Master’s Degree in Human Communication from the Institute of Neurology, London University, and then became a Language Disorder Specialist working in school programs in London. On moving to New Haven, I received my ASHA certification and CT licensure while teaching and supervising students in SCSU’s Communication Disorders Dept., and was a school Speech Language Pathologist at a Cheshire Public School Early Intervention Program. Before going into private practice, I joined Yale Child Study Center’s Developmental Disabilities group as part of the Autism team; this is when I developed my deep and continuing interest in this type of neurodiversity. An emphasis on the importance of child development, and developmentally-informed intervention was central, and continues to inform my practice.

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Where am I?
My office is in downtown New Haven, at the southwest corner of Wall and Church Streets, with Chase Bank on the ground floor. It’s known as “The Gold Building,” because the windows shine gold when the light is right. My office is on the 3rd floor and there is an elevator, and a visitor sign-in in the lobby.
It’s downtown New Haven, so please allow extra time for parking. Church, Grove and Temple streets have traditional meters or parking ticket dispensers which accept cash, credit cards or parking apps. (Parkmobile). Nearby parking garages include Century Tower, Church Street, Grove Street, and State Street.
Wifi access is available in the waiting room. Please make phone calls in the corridor outside the suite to limit noise and distractions.
Clients make out-of-pocket payments. I provide invoices including CPT and ICD 10 codes that you can present to your insurance carrier if they cover these costs. For additional information regarding fee schedules, please contact me directly.
Nearby options include a range of coffee and food spots, all within easy walking distance.
There are many New Haven sites to visit for post-session outings, including the newly-renovated Peabody Museum, shops and art galleries, and the New Haven Museum.

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com


"As a pediatrician who specializes in developmental and behavioral pediatrics, my patients and I have benefited from the expertise of Wendy Marans for many years. Her evaluations and treatment always provide invaluable insight into the struggles of children with complex language and learning difficulties for them, their families, and their doctors!" RA, MD"I would like to thank you for your time, support, encouragement and straightforward direction. You have helped me the most to understand P’s difficulties and to get her the help she needs to manage them." SP"We so appreciated your expertise which has helped us maximize R’s school support this year – she is off to a really good start." GG"It has been a remarkable year where A learned to read, how to listen and how to speak clearly. You are masterful at what you do." AC"Thank you for the work you are doing with M. Not only because of her progress with her /r/s, but also because of the beaming confidence and pride you leave her with each week." CS"Thank you for all you did for D. It was a joy to watch him flourish under your care." M"Your presentation was so clear and informative that the teachers were able to connect the terms to actual cases and to find out which remedial techniques would be most helpful." Educational Director

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com


Please call (203) 980-4123 or email me at wdmarans@gmail.com to get in touch with any questions or inquiries you have.
You can also find me at Wendy Marans on LinkedIn.

234 Church Street, Suite 300, New Haven, CT 06510 * 203-980-4123 * wdmarans@gmail.com